Asuka Kurono

Budding alchemist & hopeful healer

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"Somewhere between two left feet and half a sense lies a fox-like girl with a smile to heal the world." - Hirohashi Shinzo


Name: Asuka Kurono
Race: Formerly Miqo'te / Now Kitsune(?)
Sex: Female
Birthplace: Inner-Hingashi
Age: 21

Nickname: Inari
Nameday: 8th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Occupation: Alchemist, Herbalist, Healer


Height: 4'11" (149cm)
Build: Curvy
Hair: Mesa / Orange
Eyes: Light Amber
Complexion: Pale
Accent: Hingan

Piercings: None
Marks/Tattoos: Body & face freckles
Jewelry: Kami necklace & small wristband


Alignment: Chaotic Good / Neutral Good
Personality Type: ENFP
Favorite Food: Eggs & Bacon
Favorite Beverage: Gridanian Teas
Favorite Alcholic Drink: Uknown
Favorite Color: Orange


Learning cultures/history
Cherry blossoms & forests
Hot springs
Studying Alchemy
Providing first aid
Religious festivals
House chores
Respect for the dead


Brutality & wrongdoing
Mud, dirt & grime
Abuse of authority
General rudeness
Destruction of religious artifacts
Desecration of the dead


Reliable companionship
Potion mixing can be overwhelmingly effective
Potent healing ability
Trustworthy towards allies
Cooperative w/ most cultures
Cooperative w/ friendly Garleans
Fairly good at sneaking


Little physical strength
Potion mixing can deliver undesirable results
Trust can be abused by those with ill-intent
Demoralized if no allies near
May take shortcuts with tasks


"You do the punching, I'll do the healing. Two halves to make the world a better place! -er, Try not to hurt them though please!" - Asuka Kuro

Summary of Asuka's past:

"Full of results, both great and not so great! " Often used to describe the potential just oozing from miss Kurono's talents as a novice alchemist. Like her vials, a vibrant personality bursts from the small fox-like girl with an unusual appearance and an equally as unusual upbringing.As a small child, Asuka looked like any other Miqo'te her size. Full of curiosity and wonder, she became the village "bug girl" in a humble village somewhere in Hingashi.Her need for adventure and knack for following trails led her to a most beautiful cove secluded from the eyes of man. It was here that little Kurono found an auspice by the name of Inari.Not knowing any better, young Asuka offered to help heal the wounded being, whom she had perceived to be, simply, just a fox. In so doing, the spirit blended itself and merged into Asuka's soul, where two became one.

Asuka was far from godhood, and she was still mostly herself. However, very quickly her furry feline tail began to grow in size. her Miqo'te ears started to shape differently. She was developing traits of the fox, Inari!As those in the village started to take notice, little Asuka had been accused of dark magicks, or worse yet, meddling with the Void. In a panic, the orphan Miqo'te - or perhaps fox - fled her town.Away from civilization once more, Asuka came into the care of a hermit Hingan. Hirohashi Shinzo. Old Hermit Shinzo mentored Asuka, teaching her the ways of aether, the woods, and alchemical studies.Most notably, the veteran healer took a keen interest in the fox-like girl's ability to heal wounds of forest critters. He realized her potential would be wasted secluded from the rest of the world.Although he was well beyond his prime, he ushered Asuka out into the world. A fox out of the woods! No longer in the sight of her village, Asuka arrived in Kugane, where the bustling busy-bodies of city life shocked the girl.With a world of opportunity and many strange people for her to meet, she set off looking for adventure and create fond memories with a few friends along the way. Perhaps even a botched potion or two!

There is more to Asuka's story, yet unwritten. Perhaps you will leave your mark?


"Hey! Watch where you're going" - Random Hingashi Citizen

You're in the search for a fresh set of potions for your next adventure or outing!Asuka is a bright alchemist full of determination. But she's still a novice. After a few blunders she is bound to make something worthy. Might take her a few tries and possibly an explosion, though!

There are wounds you need healed, or perhaps someone you know is injured.Gifted and guided by the dying auspice seeking refuge inside her soul, Asuka is able to borrow potent healing magicks from Inari, her spirit fox.

You require herbs for "reasons".Asuka is familiar with the woods and the best outcomes for herbal tea. She also knows how to acquire certain...questionable herbs and mushrooms. This request might require a bit of convincing though...

Observing the strange girl's work, you realize you may be able to offer some help.Always eager to better her trade, little Kurono is happy to learn from other alchemists!

Fate collides the small fox girl into your path - literally!Clumsiness is a common occurrence for Asuka. It's quite possible her antics could have interrupted you!

A short and excitable girl is seen near a museum or historical showcase.Asuka enjoys learning about the outside world, far removed from her forest village in Hingashi. Is there something interesting you might be able to teach or show her?

In the wake of someone's passing, you require someone to help with the ceremony of sending.Having a close relationship with an auspice, Asuka takes death very seriously, and is experienced in preparing rites and assisting in the sending of lost and tormented souls.

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"I'm a fox!" - Asuka Kurono

Thanks for reading my carrd! I enjoy roleplaying and have been doing so since my time in WoW. I was also an avid Red Dead and PSO2 player (Japanese version /w all the cool stuff).What I enjoy most over games though is just hanging out and spending time with friends. As such, I am usually looking to make friends for longer term RP contacts.I also enjoy photography, and have contributed to the Skyrim and Fallout 4 modding community with my pictures. That love also extends to FFXIV. I have a ton of galleries, if you want to see them, I am more than happy to share via Discord!Small note: I am fine with RP relationships and mature scenes, but please understand a divide between OOC and IC. Ty!

-- Contact Info --
In Game: Asuka Kurono
Discord: fiona_rhela
Data Center/Server: Crystal/Mateus
Timezone: Pacific
-- RP Permissions --
RP Style: Adventure, treasurehunting, mature themes, slice of life
IC Residence(s): Character Housing Catalog
Combat System: Free-form (preferred) or basic rolls
Physical Violence/Injury: Yes (with permission)
Emotional Violence: Yes (with permission)
Romance: Yes (with permission)
Relationships/Orientation: Bisexual. Male preference
Death: No